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Friday, 16 May 2014

Easy Steps For Guitar Care

The first and the foremost step for guitar care is to play the guitar regularly. 

Treat your guitar with care. 
Never lay it down on the ground when you are not playing it or doing maintenance on it. The best place for your guitar to be is in a case, in a gig bag, on a wall hanger or on a floor stand.

Now and then, pick it up, check for damage and polish it.
If you have an electric guitar, try loosening the strings a bit so you can remove the dust that most likely has gathered around the pickups. If you have an acoustic, loosen the strings and remove the dust by the bridge.

Clean the fretboard.
Dress the frets every time you change strings. If you play often, a lot of dirt, grime and oils from your hands can build up on the fret board. This isn't good for the strings and probably affects the sound also.

Heat and cold protection. 
Never expose your instrument to excessive heat or cold for prolonged periods of time. Heat and sunlight can cause premature finish checking, and can make the finely crafted woods in your guitar look old and faded almost overnight. Cold weather might not affect the finish so much, but it can cause damage to binding, inlays and the neck, often requiring unnecessary work with the truss rod. Guitars need a cool, dry environment, so try to keep your guitar in that type of setting.

Humidity and storage. 
Protect your guitar when it's stored in the case. I'm talking about humidity here, and it can be one of the most insidious enemies to the health of your guitar. You can buy a capsule from your local guitar store that will stabilize the humidity in the case; just put it in your case and it will provide the protection that you need.

Changing Strings

Restringing a guitar is not as hard as it may seem.
It is easy, when you know how. The thing to remember is one string at a time.

Remove all strings.
Remove all strings in the following order Low E - High E - A - B - D- G.

Apply strings in the same order as they are removed that is Low E - High E - A -   B - D - G.

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