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Friday, 16 May 2014

The Ultimate Guide for Buying An Entry - Level DSLR

                            BUYING AN ENTRY - LEVEL DSLR ?? 



If you have a passion for photography and have moved beyond the point-and-shoot phase, the next logical step is clear: Invest in an entry-level DSLR camera. It will help you capture remarkable images of people, places and things without busting the budget.
The best entry-level DSLR cameras combine many point-and-shoot qualities with the more professional features so you can easily make the transition from beginning-level photography to more sophisticated and creative efforts at a pace that is comfortable for you.

An entry-level DLSR camera is a major purchase and should be the product of careful consideration and review. If you are an entry-level photographer, choose an entry-level DSLR camera that meets your basic photographic needs now, but will also cater to your artistic needs and wants as you progress in the photography field. Also consider your interests, skill level and frequency of use, and choose a DSLR camera that best suits you.
Factors To Consider : 
1. Image Quality
The reason anyone buys a camera is to take pictures – so naturally, you want to seek out a DSLR camera that offers the opportunity to get the finest images you can. Resolution is one of the most important specifications you should look at before purchasing a DSLR camera, and adequate resolution will ensure that you get the best shot every single time. For an entry-level photographer, we suggest you look for a digital SLR camera with 10 to 18 megapixels for superb resolution.
2. Features
As an entry-level photographer, you might not know the technical ins and outs of your DSLR camera yet, so look for a DSLR camera that offers automatic features, such as a built-in, pop-up flash, auto-focus. Live View is a fantastic feature that is present in many DSLR camera models, and it is a feature that you will use all the time.
3. Design
The length, width and height do not greatly differ from one entry-level DSLR camera to the next, so you cannot make your decision on looks alone. We do suggest, however, that you choose a digital SLR camera that is lightweight and compact enough to fit in your  backpack if you do not have a camera bag.
4. Help And Support
The companies that create entry-level DSLR cameras want you to succeed in all of your photographic endeavors, so they employ the customer service tools you will need to better understand your camera. You should always have access to a physical and PDF version of your camera's operating manual. Telephone and email support are great customer service options, as are tutorial videos, a FAQs section and live chat support.

Some recommended models :

Nikon D3300  Nikon D3200  Nikon D5100  Nikon D5200  Canon 1100D  Canon 1200D

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